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Cuban Sandwich with Srirachra Pickles

cuban sandwich

This is one of the best sandwiches I’ve had in a while.  The last couple of times the hubs and I went out, I’ve gotten Cuban Sandwiches, and I really loved them.  I’m usually a grilled chicken or burger kind of girl, so this was a big change of pace for me.  One thing that set this sandwich and the sandwiches I’ve eaten out apart from other sandwiches, are the pickles.  I’m not a pickle on the sandwich kind of person, but on this sandwich, you need them.  The first Cuban Sandwich I had, had pulled pork, ham, cheese and Srirachra  Pickles and I got them on the side, just to munch on, but then I shoved one in the sandwich, and it transformed the sandwich.  I think with so much meat, you need something briny, acidy to break up the sandwich and Srirachra Pickles do just that.

I knew I was going to tackle this sandwich over the weekend, so earlier in the week, I took some dill pickles and dried them off, put them in the little container and put a couple of tablespoons of srirachra sauce on them and refrigerated them.  The next day, I poured off the extra sauce and stored them in the frig to use over the weekend. If you eat them right out of the container, the pickles are very spicy, put them on the sandwich, and you get a nice crunch and just a little spice.

fish stick & lushish lemon cake 025

So I wanted to keep this kind of healthy, so I started out with a sandwich flat, some Dijonnaise, 1/2 of a 45 calorie slice of cheddar cheese from Sargento

fish stick & lushish lemon cake 021

Then some hamfish stick & lushish lemon cake 022

Picklesfish stick & lushish lemon cake 024


fish stick & lushish lemon cake 026

Other half of cheese ( I tried it both way, once with 2 pieces of cheese and the last time with 1 slice torn in 1/2, when I did it with 2 slices, the cheese oozed out, so 1 slice will really do it!)

fish stick & lushish lemon cake 029

Top it off with the other slice of breadCuban Sandwich

Put it a sprayed grill pan and channel your inter red neck and come up with a contraption to press the sandwich down while you brown it!

fish stick & lushish lemon cake 033

I took another frying pan and put it on top of the sandwich and weighed it down with one of my burners from my stove! Don’t need a Panini press, you know unless someone wants to give me one!

Brown on one sidefish stick & lushish lemon cake 034

Flip and brown the other side, serve!

cuban sandwich

Nice and crispy, relatively healthy and just good, plus it’s quick and you don’t heat up the house!

Cuban Sandwich with Srirachra Pickles

1 whole wheat sandwich flat

2 tsp. Dijonnaise

1 45 calorie slice of cheddar cheese

3 slices of thin deli ham

4 or 5 slices of Srirachra Pickles(recipe a the end)

3 slices of thin deli turkey

Spray a grill pan with non stick spray and lay down 1/2 of your sandwich thin topped with 1 tsp of Dijonnaise, then 1/2 a slice of cheddar cheese, pickles, then turkey, cheese and top of sandwich thin. Rig up a weight to put on top of sandwich it created grill marks if desire, grill until brown on one side, then flip and grill the other side until brown.

Srirachra Pickles:

Take several dill pickles and dry them off, put in a small container and top with 2 TBSP of Srirchra Sauce, put the lid on and shake to coat the pickles.  The next day, pour off any extra sauce and store in the frig until you are ready to use them.



Grilled Hot Crash Potatoes

Grilled Hot Crash Potatoes (3)

Pioneer Woman has a recipe for Hot Crash Potatoes, which are very good potatoes, but usually when I have small potatoes, cause we’ve just gotten them from the garden, it’s summer time and I hate turning on the oven in the summer.  Especially at 450 degrees for 20 – 25 minutes + you have to boil them before they go into the oven……… So anyway, Sunday night I was making dinner on the grill, we had chicken breast, corn and potatoes

Grilled Hot Crash Potatoes (4)

When I got the idea, I could do the Hot Crash Potatoes on the grill!  I didn’t boil them, just popped them on the grill pan with the corn, when they got tender, I smushed them, drizzled a little oil on them, salt, pepper, some chives and let them crisp up on the grill! And they were amazing!

Hot Crash Potatoes

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Servings will vary on the size of your potatoes and how many you want.  My potatoes were small, about the size of a golf ball maybe a little bigger, so we had 2 to 3 per person, but I love potatoes!

Small potatoes

1 TBSP. olive oil, per 3 potatoes

salt, pepper

Herbs can be chives, rosemary or thyme.

On a medium hot grill, put your grill pan with potatoes on and grill rounding the around for about 15 to 20 minutes, until you can press down on them and they give and spread out.  I use the bottom of a jar. Drizzle tops with 1/2 of the olive oil, grill for another 5 minutes, flip, add additional olive oil, sprinkle with salt, pepper and herb of your choice. Grill for additional 5 minutes, until potatoes are soft, and brown and crispy.

This recipe was shared at The Country Cooks Potluck Party!