Peanut Brittle

This is one of the easiest candies to make, but everyone will totally think you really worked hard! Love things like that.



Ten minutes and it’s done and if you have corn syrup and dry roasted peanuts in your house, you probably have everything you need to make this candy.


You start out with sugar, corn syrup, roasted peanuts and a pinch of salt. Microwave 3 1/2 minutes, stir, microwave 3 1/2 minutes, stir in butter and vanilla. Microwave and additional 1 1/2 minutes and stir in baking soda and pour on a grease sheet pan and you’re done!

There are a couple of things I will caution you about with this candy

A. Don’t start eating it or you won’t have any to give away for gifts.

B. If you don’t know how old your baking soda is, buy a new box.  It’s foolish to go through the trouble of making the candy if you don’t use fresh baking soda to make it the caramelly peanut brittle you want and baking soda is cheap.

C. It is very, very, very hot and sticky when it comes out of the microwave.  Be careful not to get any on you and make sure little kids can’t touch it.

D. I like to use a 6 cup measuring glass pitcher when I make it, because it has a handle that doesn’t get hot.  You don’t need this, but make sure you use a microwave friendly bowl or pitcher.

Now on to the recipe:

Peanut Brittle

1 1/2 cup dry roasted peanuts

1 cup sugar

1/2 cup corn syrup

1 tsp. salt

1 TBSP butter

1 tsp. vanilla

1 tsp. baking soda

In a microwave safe bowl or pitcher combine peanuts, sugar, corn syrup and salt.  Stir together, microwave 3 1/2 minutes, stir, microwave 3 1/2 minutes.  Add butter and vanilla, stir and microwave 1 1/2 minutes. Add baking soda and stir, pour onto greased sheet pan. Break into pieces when completely cool.



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