Lemon Glazed Strawberry Thumb Print Cookies



These cookies are perfect for this time of year.  They look like Christmas with the strawberry jelly, plus you can use some of your jelly you made this summer, and the lemon glaze makes them a little tart!  I started with sugar cookie mix from a bag( I don’t like reinventing the wheel!), but you could certainly make your own sugar cookies.  This is a good time-saving tip and where you are dressing them up, no one will know you didn’t spend a lot of time making them, except you!



Roll them into balls, then put a thumb print in them!  I like to refrigerate them for about 30 minutes, I think they keep their shapes better that way, so if you have time, let them chill for a few minutes.


Add your jelly or jam, I used strawberry and move them to a cooling rack over a sheet pan

thumbprint-cookies-020When you drizzle your glaze this will make clean up a snap!  After they’ll cooled, mix powder sugar, lemon juice and milk for the perfect glaze!


Santa will probably leave you extra gifts if he finds these under the tree!


Lemon Glazed Strawberry Thumb Print Cookies

  • Servings: 24 cookies
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1 pouch (1 lb) Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix

1/2 cup of butter softened

1 egg

3 TBSP. flour

1/3 cup of strawberry jam or preservers

1 cup powder sugar

3 TBSP. lemon juice

1 TBSP. milk

in a bowl, mix together sugar cookie mix, butter, egg and flour.  Stir until dough forms. I used a cookie scoop and divided the ball in half and roll it into a ball and put them on a silipad or parchment sheet lined cookie sheet and refrigerated for 30 minutes.  Put indentation into each cookie ball before baking.  Bake 8 to 10 minutes or until the bottoms start browning.  Remove from oven and spoon in 1/2 tsp of jam or preservers. Move to a cooking rack over a pan for easy clean up.  When cookies have cooled, mix powder sugar, lemon juice and milk together and drizzle over cookies.

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  1. Susan

    I make a thumbprint jam cookie, too. I can’t wait to try your recipe because it has a delicious glaze and you’ve brilliantly made it easier to make. Thanks for sharing at the #ThisIsHowWeRoll Link Party.


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