Mason Jar Lid Lemon Tarts

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I love these little tarts! I think they came out sooooooo cute!  I love individual desserts, it’s kinda like it’s diet, cause it’s already portioned out for you.

They come together pretty quick, and take no time to bake since they’re small.  If you make this into a whole pie, bake another 10 to 15 minutes until set.


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Start with the crust, I took one package/sleeve of graham crackers, popped them into the blender and got them into nice crumbs, the pour 4 TBSP of melted butter in the blender and pulsed it to get everything combined.  I took around 2 TBSP of the crumb mixture and pressed into the mason jar lids(put the metal side up and the band side down so when you bake it you don’t have to worry about rubber in your tarts!) Pop them in the frig, I made my crust at lunch time and when I came home from work I made the filling and baked it off.  They just need to be in there long enough for the butter to firm back up, a couple hours.


Start with 4 egg yolks, and start whipping them up, then add a can of sweetened condensed milk and mix very well, finally drizzle in 3/4 cup of lemon juice.


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I added a scant 1/4 cup of filling to each crust and baked at 350 for about 10 – 15 minutes, just until set, let them cool on the counter and piped on some homemade whip cream


Mason Jar Lemon Tarts 009

After the baked they popped right out of the lids and seals slid right off, so you could total wrap them up and take them somewhere, if you want to share! Using just the egg yolks make them very custardy and thick!


Mason Jar Lid Lemon Tarts


1 package/sleeve of graham crackers

4 TBSP. melted butter

4 egg yolks

1 14 oz can of sweetened condensed milk

3/4 cup of lemon juice

1 cup of heavy whipping cream

2 TBSP sugar

1 tsp vanilla

Pulse the graham cracker in a blender or food processor until the are very smooth, then add butter and pulse to combine.  Take crumbs and press into 15 small mouth jar lids or into a pie tin, if using a pie tin you may need to make more crust, but this was perfect for the jar lids, then refrigerate at least a couple hours to set up.  Place 4 egg yolks in a large bowl and whip until lighten up, then add sweetened condensed milk and mix very well, finally drizzle in lemon juice.  Place in a preheat 350 degree oven and bake 10 to 15 minutes until just set.  If doing a larger pie, bake an additional 10 to 15 minutes.  When set remove from the oven and let them cool on the counter.  To make whip cream, start bu whipping your cream and when very thick add the sugar and vanilla, then pipe onto pies.

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  1. Frugal Hausfrau

    So cute, and those little tart pans are so pricey (and they rust!) the tarts look scrumptious!

    Thanks from all of us at Throwback Thursday for linking up to us this week! We can’t wait to see what you’ll bring next week. 🙂



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