Swiss Chard & Blueberry Smoothie

unnamed (140) I love smoothies in the morning!  So easy, packed with lots of good nutrition, fast, cold when it’s hot and their portable. Perfect! unnamed (134)

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Another plus is right now most of the fruits and veggies that go into smoothies are in season, awesome! I love going to the farm stand and being able to make something right away or be able to package the ingredients up and freeze them for future use and this recipe is perfect for this recipe.

When I buy berries from the farm market (and I always buy any berries they have at the farm market) if I don’t have a specific thing I plan to do with them, I freeze them immediately.  It’s really simple, with any berries, wash them, with strawberries, hull them and slice them in half if you need to, then with all berries, put them on a sheet tray that will fit into your freezer, lay them in a single layer and freeze for just a couple hours, then pop them into a Ziploc bag for future use. Done!


unnamed (136) unnamed (137) unnamed (138) If you’re packaging smoothie packs for your freezer, get your greens that you plan to use in your smoothie, clean them and package them separately in Ziploc bags for each smoothie, then package your frozen berries in a Ziploc bags and with this recipe we’re going to add a frozen banana in each smoothie so package your banana with your frozen berries.  Then when your ready to make your smoothie, as with any smoothie you make always add your greens and liquid to the blender first, then when that’s blended, add your fruit to the blender.  Where the berries and banana are frozen, ice isn’t necessary. I don’t use protein powders because I like to stay as close to real food as possible, there’s nothing wrong if you want to use protein powder, I just don’t, if I want something a little heartier, I’ll add some oats to the blender first and grind it fine, then the liquid and greens together. I’d add more unnamed (138)liquid with the oat powder.

So let’s make a smoothie

1 cup of frozen blueberries

1 frozen banana

1 cup of clean Swiss Chard, Spinach or Kale

1/2 cup of milk ( use what you have)

1/2 of 5oz. container of Plain Greek Yogurt

In a blender, add your greens and milk, blend until well combined and chopped, then add blueberries, yogurt and banana then blend until smooth.

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