Grilled Fish Tacos with Slaw and Spicy Cream

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Until today I’d never made my own Cole Slaw, with the exception of with a bottle of dressing over bagged shredded cabbage, not again!  The Cole Slaw I made today, I still used a bag of shredded cabbage, just because I needed the ease of an already prepped ingredient, but the dressing on this slaw was sooooo good!!!!!!!!!  A little spicy, not drowning in dressing, still crunchy and sooooo much flavor.  Plus it’s still basically healthy.

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Sunday morning, I put about a 1 1/2 cups of of pre-shredded cabbage in a bowl with a dressing made of lime juice, plain Greek yogurt, old bay, salt and pepper and just let it sit for a few hours to really get flavored.  Then I took the remainder of the Greek yogurt, a chipotle pepper and lime juice and mixed it together.

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When it comes time to finish your tacos, marinade your fish in a little tequila, olive oil, lime juice, cumin and old bay.

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Grill your fish and also throw on your tortillas to char and soften them up.  When your fish is done, put a piece of fish on your tortilla, top with slaw then spicy cream and eat it up, YUM!

It’s spicy, crunchy, yet you can still taste the fish and the corn tortillas stand up well to the grill and don’t fall apart with all the ingredients and are better for you than flour tortillas.

Fire up your grill and eat healthy!

Slaw Recipe:

2 TBSP of non-fat Greek Yogurt

1 tsp or to taste Old Bay Seafood Seasoning or Seafood Seasoning

1 TBSP. Lime Juice

Salt and Pepper

1 1/2 cups of Shredded Cole Slaw Mix

In a medium bowl combine yogurt, Old Bay, Lime Juice, salt & pepper the toss Cole Slaw with dressing and refrigerate for a few hours.

Spicy Cream:

Remaining Yogurt

1 Tsp of Lime Juice

1 Chipotle Pepper, chopped

Salt & pepper

Add all ingredients in a small bowl and stir together and refrigerate.


4 flounder fillets or other mild fish

1 TBSP Tequila

1 TBSP Lime Juice

1 Tsp. cumin

1 1/2 Tsp. Old Bay

8 Corn Tortillas

Allow to marinate for 30 minutes.  Once marinaded, place on a grill preheated to medium both fish and tortillas.  Grill 3 to 5 minutes, remove from grill and assemble tacos, first fish, then slaw and cream on top.

My fish was thin so it didn’t need to cook long, if yours is thicker you may want to grill a little longer.  When you open a can of chipotle’s take the remaining peppers and sauce, put in a zip lock bag and freeze, then when you need them again, just cut off a small portion for your next meal and you won’t waste the whole can

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