Healthy Strawberry Smoothie!

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(Smoothies don’t photography well, they need to work on their look, but taste awesome and with some Greek Yogurt in it, it stays with you!)

So my garden is starting to produce

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Swiss Chard

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and of course Strawberries, I’ve been picking and freezing them every weekend, so with summer just round the corner, healthy is always on the menu.  And after this past weekend indulgences at this place… calories don’t really count here, do they???

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We did bike a lot to get there, so maybe that took care of the fries I had, and I did start back running Monday… so maybe there’s hope.  When we got back from our night walk Monday, I saw the Swiss Chard, had plenty of frozen strawberries  and I always freeze bananas so they don’t go bad, so I thought a smoothie for Tuesday would be awesome!

I pick and wash my green the night before

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because after this one has run me all around town i, I don’t garden in the morning.  Depending on what green you use, Kale or Swiss Chard may need to have the stem removed.  Mine was young enough that I didn’t have to, and with spinach you wouldn’t need to stem them, just look at your greens and see if it’s got a thick stem, if it does, just fold it in half and pull out the stem.

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Always add your greens and water or milk to your blender first, and blend, my daughter likes a little rolled oats in hers, so if you do blend those first, then your greens and liquid (adding oats makes it heartier, but still very healthy)

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then add your frozen fruit, Greek yogurt and blend again, if it seems dry add a little more water

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and of course I add it to a Mason jar, but you use any container you have!

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1 cup of packed washed and cleaned Swiss chard, spinach or kale

1/2 cup of water or milk of your choice

1 cup of frozen strawberries

1 frozen banana

1/2 5 oz. container of plain fat free Greek yogurt

1/2 cup of old fashion oats (optional)

If using oats add to blender first, and grind, then add greens and liquid and blend.  Then add strawberries, banana and yogurt blend well, if it dry add additional liquid.


During this season of plenty of berries and greens make smoothie kits.  In a Ziploc bag add 1 cup of greens, in another bad add berries and banana and freeze. Then in the morning add greens to the blender and liquid and add frozen berries and bananas and breakfast is served really fast!

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  2. semisweettooth

    Great suggestions on the order – I’ve recently become a smoothie addict and have been playing with those a bit. It’s amazing how much of a difference the order of ingredients makes! Thanks for sharing; I’ll definitely use your tips at home. 🙂

    1. lpayne401

      As I tell me daughter, don’t look at it, just drink it! If you didn’t look at it you’d never know that it wasn’t just strawberry banana flavored. Hope you enjoy


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