Farm Stand Friday – Veggie Dip with Radishes

051115 093   Spring is finally here! YAH! Last weekend my husband and I visited Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and during our trip we visited the country’s oldest farmers’ market. Here are a few pictures I took, but there’s so much to see I always get caught up in looking and forget to take pictures. It’s like foodie dream come true.     5415 016 5415 017 5415 018 5415 020 5415 023 5415 025 5415 026 5415 029 5415 031 5415 033 5415 037   I love going to a place that has everything, and everything is fresh.  Look at the meats, produce,  cheeses, desserts and sooo much more! It just blow my mind every time we go.

Now where I live, we don’t have anything like that, but we do have a small farmer’s market that opens every Thursday, May through October and I get almost as excited going there every week, seeing what there and talking to all the vendors.  Last year I started writing recipes for one of the vendor at the farmers’ market, and this will be my first week back, and radishes is one of the items that is first to market, so last week I brought back some radishes and decided to incorporate them into our Mother’s Day menu. This recipe was something completely new and one I’ll be making again. You can use an assortment of veggies to dip into the dip or toast off some bread also to slather with this dip! It’s simple and the radishes add a really nice crunch plus they add a little zip to the dip.     051115 092 I love how the platter came together with some many colors and it’s great to have at a party so everyone can nibble before the real food comes to the table.

1 8 oz tub cream cheese with chives

1/2 cup diced radishes

2 tsp of chopped fresh chives

1 tsp of dried parsley or 2 tsp of fresh parsley

salt and pepper

Mix everything together and serve with whatever veggies or bread you have.  

051115 093

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