Ocracoke Island

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.From the ferry landing the salt air assaults your senses and it will continue until you leave the island on the return ferry.  A quaint island located along the barrier islands of North Carolina and the first sign you see as you leave the ferry landing is 13 miles to Orcacoke.  Along that 13 mile journey you’ll see lots of sand, dunes, ponies penned in a fence, and beach plants growing by the long road into Ocracoke.

As desolate as this area is, all of a sudden life!  First you’ll see the airport, then the first house, and then Howard’s Pub, a landmark of the Island. Continuing through the town and you will stumble upon Silver Lake, which is used for many purposes, such as accommodating sport fishing boats available to take you out for a fishing trip, and larger ferries that take you further down North Carolina’s coast.

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Silver Lake also has restaurants and a several lodging options, such as Silver Lake Motel, Anchorage, as well as condos that can be rented by the week.  Further down the narrow street that takes you into town, you come to the end of the road, which ends at the next ferry landing, but also provides additional parking to the area and a boat ramp out to the Atlantic Ocean.

With only one way into town and one way out of town, the sleepy town provides many wonderful opportunities to walk or bike around town.  Of course, in my opinion the best time for this is early morning!

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Sun rise is very hard to beat and from our hotel it’s about a mile walk out the beach ramp by the airport, and you get view that will start your day off right!

You may think a town, whose main strip through the town is about 2 to 3 miles maybe, wouldn’t have much to offer other than fishing and beach going, and those are indeed great ways to spend your vacation, however there is much to see in this little town.  We enjoy spending our mornings at the beach for a few hours, and even is summer’s heat, there’s always a breeze, because the island is so far out in the ocean, if there’s a breeze anywhere it’s there.  Another great thing about the island’s location, is the gulf stream comes in early, so the water warms up earlier than the rest of the coastal communities.

Now back into town, there’s many different shops that are within walking or biking distance, so leave your car at your room and really explore the area.  Many of the shops remind me of Key West, but you lack the busyness of Key West, and you can just be laid back and truly relax!  Some of the sites to see besides the beach and marina area, include the pirates museum, Ocracoke museum and the Lighthouse, that is still operational.

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There’s many restaurant along the marina and through out the town that have great food, whether you’re looking for lunch, a bite for happy hour, or a delicious dinner, you’ll find something you’ll enjoy, then you can be off to enjoy a little nightlife, as somewhere on the island will have music and cold drinks for you to enjoy!

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