Writing 101

Doing random things such as just rambling on is very hard for me to do.  I’ve just started my blog, so I try to make everything very informative and hopefully needed, so to just ramble out a post is very difficult.  Of course I have grand plans for my blog and would love to see it grow, but that’s something only time will tell, so I think I try to do everything with the hopes that grand things will come and not with whimsy.

But, perhaps whimsy is exactly what we all need.  Sometimes I think we all take things so seriously that we’ve forgotten why we do things to begin with.  This weekend I suppose to run in my first 5k and it’s been a struggle.  I so afraid that I’ll finish last or not finish, or get hurt, or look foolish, instead of just worrying about enjoying the run, thinking about why the run was formed and just be glad that I can get out and join the run and the fun.

Hopefully Writing 101 will loosen me up some and expand my writing

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